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 ​We have been servicing and repairing swimming pools and spas since 2003

CA License C53-647898     CPO Commercial Pool Operator Certified

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Pre Pool Season Special

Start your pool season right by having your pool filter cartridges or DE filter grids cleaned.

We will disassemble filter, clean filter cartridges, grids, lube tank o-ring, reassemble filter, recharge DE

All for one price $ 120.00

Call  today to schedule an appointment  510-785-8989

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Our Services

If you need additional services, please contact us for a free quote .

 Weekly Chemical Service 

Test and add chemicals to balance water.

Empty skimmer, pumps  baskets of debris.

Check equipment for any leaks.

Pricing starts @ $ 95.00 per month.

Weekly Full Service Cleaning

Test and add chemicals to balance pool water.

Empty pump, skimmer baskets & pool sweep of debris.

Remove debris from top and bottom of pool.

Brush all tops of steps and swim outs.

Clean filter when needed.

Pricing starts @ $ 130.00  per month for residential pools.

Vinyl Liner Replacement / Patch

We offer a full line of vinyl liner patterns from Latham, GLI, Vinyl Fabrications.

Addition of steps, handrails, skimmer replacement.

Please call us for more information.

Underwater Repairs

Many repairs can be made without draining your pool. VGB main drain covers, patching plaster pop offs, patching holes in vinyl liners.

Please call us for more information and a quote.

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend this business to family and friends .

John has been taking great care of my pool for over 13 years.

Lyn Courtney

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